Endorphina An insider interview with Zdenek and Casino2K!

An insider interview with Zdenek and Casino2K!


Recently, Zdenek Llosa, our Senior Sales Manager here at Endorphina has shared some inside scoops of what goes on behind Endorphina, his favorite slots, entering regulated markets, and the digital transition during the pandemic. Interested in learning about the details? Check out the full interview below:

Casino2K: Hi, please introduce yourself and your role at Endorphina to our readers

Zdenek: First, thank you Casino2k for the opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Zdenek Llosa, and I joined Endorphina back in 2018 where I’m currently a Senior Sales Manager. I’m quite thankful for the opportunity of being part of one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry.

Casino2K: Since you joined the company, how did Endorphina change?

Zdenek: From my humble point of view, I have witnessed huge growth and not only in the number of games, but also in our technology and additional features added to our games. Endorphina is now available in more than a thousand casinos worldwide and has strongly stepped into regulated markets such as Croatia, Romania, Belarus and more. We are quite excited about the future and the new markets we have planned to develop.

Casino2K: You oversee the Italian, Spanish and LatAm markets. How do these markets differ from one another?

Zdenek: Each market is different and brings its own development including different regulations and technical requirements. We are quite aware of the opportunity each of these markets brings to the table.  Each player is different, and they are into different types of games. Endorphina understands that we cannot approach each market with the same type of games, but it is important to find a real connection with players and what drives them. This is why we implement such variety in our game portfolio.

Casino2K: Let’s talk about Regulated markets, as the Italian one in which Casino2K is operating, what are the challenges and the good things these regulations bring?

Zdenek: Italy is one of the strongest and toughest markets in the world followed by specific regulations and technical requirements tailored for operators and suppliers. Our progress in having the games ready for such market has been quite positive, however this year there were a couple of new changes in the regulation and our technical team has effectively understood what must be done in order to comply with the all the requirements. 

Casino2K: The Pandemic has been hard for many industries. Would you say this was the case for the Gaming industry as well? How did Endorphina cope with it?

Zdenek: Endorphina is a digital company, and the transition to working from home was simple and successful. Maintaining the same momentum that we had before the pandemic has not been an obstacle for us. During this time, we have taken on new initiatives to confront and maintain the flow of our operations while still leading with innovation that we have prepared for 2021.

Casino2K: Let’s talk about the future: what are Endorphina’s plans for 2022?

Zdenek: Endorphina is carefully and constantly thinking about the future in terms of what type of new games we should develop. 2022 will be no exception and we are quite excited about the new games we have prepared for the next year. 

After successfully entering into regulated markets in 2021, we are confident that more players will enjoy our games as we are working on expanding to new jurisdictions and different regulated markets. At the same time, we plan to strengthen our position in the world.

Casino2K: Considering the huge number of games Endorphina produced, which is your favorite and why?

Zdenek: To be honest, it is quite hard to find a special game given the number of new releases we produce on a monthly basis. Every game comes with a specific mechanic and theme for the market we intend to develop. However, I feel happy with our Chance Machine series due to the attention to detail from our developers in cooperation with our design team, it is remarkable and makes it hard to decide on just 1 game.

Casino2K: We are now at the end of our interview, is there something you would like to add?

Zdenek: Endorphina is always happy to have the opportunity to share its innovations and progress in each market. Personally, it has been a pleasure to be part of this interview and we remain committed to delivering the best games we can possibly craft. Stay tuned for what we have prepared for 2022!

Thank you all for reading the full interview! To stay tuned with us, be sure to follow our social media or get in touch to ask any questions! 


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