Kalamba Games Kalamba News Round Up #41

Kalamba News Round Up #41


Kalamba News Round Up #41

March’s round-up already? Time flies when you’re beavering away to create the industry’s favourite slot experiences. And that’s precisely what we’ve been doing, crafting our Q2 releases to ensure a steady supply of games to satisfy our ever-growing operator and player base. There’s a real mix of genres coming up and even a hint of something entirely new for us. Intrigued? Read on…

Kalamba News Round Up #41

The big news of the month saw us don our stetson, pin on our sheriff’s badge and adopt a steely gaze for the much-anticipated release of our western-meets-zombies mash-up, Megaways™ Duel of the Dead.

High-intensity action throughout and a focus on entertainment and player enjoyment are the hallmarks of this new adventure – and what a beautifully animated, atmospheric adventure it is. Exquisite cell-shaded visuals set the tone of the deserted frontier town where the undead and their brain-eating antics are an issue that the heroic sheriff and her partners have to tackle.

A posse of features is thrown into the mix to up the ante on the action, with Zombies Go Wild, Duel and a Free Spins round all backed by another unique Kalambaian take on the famous Megaways™ mechanic.

Don’t just take our word for it though, you can read the thoughts and inspirations of the gunslinger who developed the game, Product Owner Piotr Simon when he sat down with our friends at Slot Gods to reveal more about this latest hit shoot-out slot. Read it all here.

Piotr wasn’t finished there either – this is a game that has an awful lot packed into it to be enthused about! After wrapping up with Slot Gods, he went on to share his thoughts with Big Win Board too! Catch up on his musings right here.

Kalamba News Round Up #41

Zombies and cowboys aren’t enough? Well, we did say we’ve been busy and next month you’ll have the pleasure of reading all about the latest popular series, Joker Rainbows and two more entries into our Mini-Max family: Age of Dragons and Operation Diamond Hunt.

Now normally we’d consider all we’ve talked about in this round-up to be sufficient but we’ll leave you with a tease of something just that little bit different from us. One of the things we’ve been developing recently is not far away from breaking the surface and upping its periscope for some serious win potential. Pings on our sonar have detected the unmistakable signature of a crash game on a bearing right ahead of us.

All hands on deck for more soon!


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