Endorphina Our CEO interviews with Slots Calendar

Our CEO interviews with Slots Calendar


Our CEO, Jan Urbanec, has recently shared some insights with Slots Calendar on how he ended up at Endorphina, as well as some of Endorphina's biggest moments, funny stories, and future plans! Jan also reveals how he can tell if a slot may become popular or not, his favorite slots, and what he may be doing if he wasn't at Endorphina. Find out all these juicy details in the full interview below.

Tell us a bit about yourself. What makes you, you? Why have you chosen to work at Endorphina?

My name is Jan Urbanec, right now I act as the CEO of Endorphina. 
I enjoy improving myself, my work, this company and the lives of people around me.
I started to work at Endorphina thanks to my business development skills and stayed for the love of the games.

We love big wins, so can you please let us know the top 3 winnings ever paid by Endorphina?

Book of Santa lately delivered several wins around the 100K EUR mark to players. Of course, that is just a coincidence (based on RNG ) that it happened.
Thanks to this and the game design, Book of Santa is a very popular game all year round. Multipliers around 5000x are also no exception.

There is one pre-historical big win that we may count as one of the theoretically biggest ones. A casino had a player win over 50 Bitcoins in our game Safari – That is roughly 1,6 million EUR in today’s exchange rate!

You have an impressive slots portfolio, can you name the best three slots ever released by Endorphina?

It is hard to establish the proper metric for a specific “best.”Do you mean best for the player? Best for the operator? Best for marketing and promotions?

I would say that the Lucky Streak series together with the Chance Machine series are out there on top.
In general, our universally best game is Minotaurus that is consistently popular, pays nice big wins to players, and is profitable for our customers.
Also it’s very marketable and streamers love it!

2020 was a challenging year for all of us. Even so, Endorphina had multiple releases. Which slot takes the 2020 title of the best Endorphina release?

As you mentioned, the world lost some momentum last year. But we started 2020 strong. With the release of Cash Tank – an amazing game with a great marketing campaign that pushed what is possible to do at a live expo show. We brought in a real tank there and shot money at people! But the best game of 2020 is obvious.
It has to be “2020 Hit Slot” – this strong release was very successful in the markets that it was intended to hit (pun intended). 
So much so, that we released the sequel named – you guessed it – “2021 Hit Slot”.

Looking to the future, what is the next big release Endorphina is planning?

We have just released an Indian folk tale themed game called Akbar Birbal. With an interesting mechanic of potential infinite freespins and a rising multiplier.
The best part is that this feature can be bought with our “Bonus Pop”.
Up next is Hell Hot 20, which is a classical release that we expect to hit big in specific markets.
Hell Hot 20 will become another strong series that will reliably generate revenue for our customers and will capture the players attention for 2021.


In a market with hundreds of game studios, what would you say is Endorphina’s biggest differentiator?

We understand the classic slot. And more importantly, we understand the classic slot player. Our brand identity has been carefully curated and our games communicate it strongly.
When you go to play a game from Endorphina, you know what you are going to get. Usually a high volatility, reliable game, with a generous prize distribution in the paytable that does not shy away from solid wins in the main game and has a promising potential inside the game feature.

We would love to hear more about the slot creation process. Can you let us know which is the most exciting part of the entire process when creating a new slot?

Probably the initial brainstorming phase is most invigorating. When ideas fly around and the team gets excited to create something fresh and new. What theme to use? What math model fits the best? Also the first time a new game gets constructed, and starts being tested on the staging environment.
It is exciting to see the symbols, the animations, and the spins all come to life. It’s cool to start seeing how the player will experience this game we’ve created. 

Did you use to play slots before entering the iGaming industry? Can you share with us your biggest win on an online slot?

I was personally an online slot virgin when I got into the industry. I played just few times in a land-based casino, but never got deeply into it.
However, I then eventually understood the underlining mechanics of the game, the mathematics combined with the randomness, and the money-distribution role that iGaming plays in the society. All of that made me a fan of slot games.
My biggest win was probably a 3000x multiplier on one spin in one of our competitors’ game.  

What has been your biggest challenge and your most significant success in the gambling industry?

Significant milestones in licensing and certification of our games, customers that pass feedback from players about how much they enjoy playing our games.
Basically all challenges and successes of Endorphina are shared with my own professional challenges and wins.
This is due to the fact that Endorphina is the vessel that made my transition from the financial world to the iGaming realm possible. And believe me, it is a realm that is very interesting and fun.

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