Quickspin Players from Unibet and Storspelare win the Dragon Chase...

Players from Unibet and Storspelare win the Dragon Chase Grand Jackpots


What an exciting week it’s been so far – TWO players have won the Dragon Chase Grand Jackpot at Unibet and Storspelare this week! Two jackpots with one operator, that’s pretty damn awesome.

The first player, from the Storspelare brand won a whopping 1,067,294 SEK (about 99,301 EUR) on Monday, and the second player from Unibet won an equally amazing 67,547 EUR on an 80-cent bet the day after. A BIG congratulations to both of these lucky players, we’re so, so happy for you!

When we created Dragon Chase, our vision was to make a jackpot game that’s always hot. That’s why the base game is extremely rewarding to play in itself, and why the jackpot always starts with at least €55,000 on top of that.

These two wins show that it’s always a good idea to play this game – even if someone was lucky enough to win the jackpot the day before you. And the week isn’t over yet, so who knows what could happen in the next few days?

Watch the Dragon Chase trailer below to get a feel for this fabulous game 🙂


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