Quickspin Hammer of Vulcan - Win up to 20,000x

Hammer of Vulcan – Win up to 20,000x


                        Hammer of Vulcan - Win up to 20,000x

Hammer of Vulcan boast our first ever Buy Feature – pay 80x bet and buy entry into the exciting Light the Forge! Free Spins bonus! This thrilling slot also contains a max exposure of 20,000x.

Hammer of Vulcan is a volatile volcano! Deeply buried under Mount Etna, on the east coast of Sicily, the God of Fire is creating weapons and jewellery for the Gods of Olympus. When his mighty forge lights up, Etna comes to life and when his hammer strikes the mighty anvil, a concoction of molten steel, lava and gold will transform into a coveted artefact. Does it belong to the Gods, or are you perhaps worthy of such a treasure? Find out if you are in the Vulcan’s grace.

Bjarne Grönnevik, Producer: “I really wanted the player to feel the weight of the game, plus the excitement that any spin could lead to a huge win – you don’t have to wait for the Free Spins to get rewarded. I also wanted the player to be on the edge of their seat with every bet, and the team definitely made this happen!”

                        Hammer of Vulcan - Win up to 20,000x

Hammer Strike
When a Hammer Wild lands, it activates the Hammer Strike feature. All symbols on the same reel, below the Wild, will turn into Regular Wilds. Inside the Light the Forge! feature, each Hammer Strike also increases the multiplier by 1.

                        Hammer of Vulcan - Win up to 20,000x

Light the Forge!
The Light the Forge! feature starts with a win multiplier of 1. In the Light the Forge! Free Spins, all Hammer Wilds that land will increase the multiplier by 1. Each Volcano Scatter awards an extra Free Spin.

                        Hammer of Vulcan - Win up to 20,000x

Strike Again!
If the last spin in the In Light the Forge! Free Spins is not a win, the Strike Again! feature awards an extra Free Spin. Any Hammer Wilds that land still increase the multiplier by 1, but if there are no wins, the Strike Again! feature will activate again until you win. The Volcano Scatter can still land and extend the Free Spins session by adding more Free Spins.

Buy Feature
By paying 80x bet, you can buy entry into the Light the Forge! bonus game! The feature will trigger with 3-6 Volcano Scatters with the same frequency as when triggering it by chance. The Light the Forge! bonus game works the same as when triggering in the game randomly. The Buy Feature may not be available in all markets.

                        Hammer of Vulcan - Win up to 20,000x

Check out the trailer here and start counting the days until October 13th.


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